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Vartalaap - Live sessions with expert speakers

Managing mental health during pandemicપેંડેમીક દરમિયાન કઈ રીતે માનસિક રીતે સ્વસ્થ રહેવું?  

We invited Surat city's renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. Nirav Mehta to help and guide students during pandemic. Dr Nirav Mehta is the Director of SOCH Institute of Mental Health & De-addiction as well as the President at Indian Psychiatric Society (South Gujarat Branch). This session was in collaboration with The Yellow Umbrella. 

Eye care for students during pandemic - પેંડેમીક દરમિયાન વધેલા સ્ક્રીનટાઈમના કારણે આંખની સંભાળ કઈ રીતે રાખવી? 

We invited Surat city's renowned Ophthalmology, Dr. Shrey Rayajiwala to help and guide students during pandemic about increased screen-time and how to take care of eyes. Dr Shrey Rayajiwala is an ophthalmologist, FMR, FROP (HVDEH) Medical Retina and ROP Consultant Keshavm Eye Care Hospital

Improving English with Dr Dharmendra Sheth - ગુજરાતી માધ્યમમાં ભણતા-ભણતા અંગ્રેજી બોલવાની ક્ષમતા કઈ રીતે સુધારી શકાય?

We invited Surat city's leading language training institute, Fluentlingua's Dr. Dharmendra Sheth to answer questions Gujarati students have about improving their English. Dr Dharmendra Sheth is an ELT expert and has prepared numerous students for examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL.

Karona Mann Ki Baat -  for exam season - કરોના મન કી બાત - કઈ રીતે પરીક્ષાના સમયે પોતાનું શ્રેષ્ઠ પ્રદર્શન કરવું?

We invited Surat city's renowned Neonatologist & Paediatrician, Dr. Prashant Kariya to share his tips on how to manage mental health during online learning and how to give your best in the exam season. Dr Prashant Kariya is doing his private practice at PARAM NICU & Children Hospital, Surat. This session was in collaboration with SMC, UHCRCE, CFSCKC, Surat Jan Manomay Aarogya Sathi Network.

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