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Gujju Grammar is designed to help students in Gujarati medium learn various grammar topics and practice from questions. For SSC, HSC & other government entrance exams

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MORE ABOUT THE APP: Gujarati Nibandhmala is designed to help students in Gujarati medium write better and more language-rich essays in an effective way.
The app has over 10 categories for different essay topics, such as: i) rutu (season) nibandh (essay) ii) tahevaro / tehvaro (festivals) nibandh (essay) iii) jivan charitra nibandh as well as ઋતુ સંબંધિત, તહેવારો, જીવનચરિત્ર, વિચારાત્મક, પ્રવાસ, આત્મકથા, પોતાના વિશે, પર્યાવરણ અને પ્રકૃતિ, કહેવતો આધારિત, પ્રકીર્ણ. The app provides more helpful sections like Gadhyarth-grahan, Padyarth-grahan and more. We also give word count for each essay so you can write accordingly. This app is perfect for all age groups and standards (classes) including Dhoran 5, 6, 7, 8 ane Dhoran 9 temaj Dhoran 10 Gujarat Board SSC Exam, as well as Dhoran 11, Dhoran 12 Gujarati Medium HSC Board Exam. Each essay includes basic key points you should be covering in your essay. This is a sincere attempt to help students write better in Gujarati. We strongly discourage copy-pasting of essays as that is not beneficial in any way. To view the essays, you will need to sign in or sign up for our primary product Gujju Student, which is free. If you have any questions, or have any content claims, abuse issues; email us to



ધોરણ 5
ધોરણ 6 
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ધોરણ 9 
ધોરણ 10
ધોરણ 11 આર્ટ્સ
ધોરણ 11 કોમર્સ
ધોરણ 11 સાયન્સ 
ધોરણ 12 આર્ટ્સ
ધોરણ 12 કોમર્સ 
ધોરણ 12 સાયન્સ 

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