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Gujarat Board conducts Unit Tests at Home for Students

The GSEB has reportedly conducted exams for all students including private school students. However, as per media reports; several private schools have opposed the move due to the ongoing tension over fees between parents, schools and authorities. The Board is said to have sent the question papers in different sets to all schools and the schools have shared the question papers to students. Students have been asked to write their answers in an answer sheet and as per reports, they've been asked to submit it physically at their school amidst the constant rise in Coronavirus cases in Gujarat. There are speculations among the students that such tests would be conducted every month. Interestingly, the Gujarat State Education Board has not announced any cut in syllabus for any classes yet, as compared to the Central Education Board which declared a 30% cut in syllabus due to the pandemic situation. We are awaiting more details about this topic and will update as we receive.


Disclaimer: This post is posted in category Opinion - Gujju Student may or may not agree or support the claims/predictions/thoughts written in the post as an organisation.

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