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'Puccho' - enabling peer learning on Gujju Student

Gujju Student is at its core, based on the peer-to-peer learning pedagogy, which is also referred as 'Peeragogy" 

So, what's Peer to Peer learning exactly? 

Peer learning is a process of “students learning from students in formal or informal way”. It is part of an active learning strategy. Here, students interact with their peers and learn from each other. 

But why?

Peer learning is very helpful in retaining study topics in long-term memory, rather than surface learning, where information can dissipate very fast from memory. 

It helps students learn and most importantly ask doubts and discuss with their peers. Here's what we at Gujju Student have been doing to build our Social Learning App. 

'Puchho' - a community-driven discussion platform 

With Puchho, students can ask their doubts to their peers as well as teachers, who have committed their time to help students with their questions on Gujju Student. Students can answer the questions and we've created a gamified experience which gives reward to students who actively participate in both - asking and answering.

Student teachers

We are also starting a mechanism where a student can teach concepts to other students. How? Stay tuned for our next post. 

This post is still being updated. Have questions? Email us at

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2 min read | October 01, 2020

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